June 2 , 2007

The Editions de l’Œil du Sphinx are delighted and proud to announce that, following an agreement with the late famous "Father of Cryptozoology" Dr. Bernard Heuvelmans’ family and with Mrs Alika Lindbergh, they will publish his complete cryptozoological works. Not only will the EODS republish his long time out-of-print books but they will also print for the first time the unpublished manuscripts representing the continuation of his research: they will all be annotated and updated by Jean-Jacques Barloy, PhD, who was Bernard Heuvelmans' friend and student for more than 25 years. This unique set of books will have its own collection, entitled the  Bibliothèque Heuvelmansienne, under the direction of Jean-Luc Rivera. This collection will also include the first complete biography of Bernard Heuvelmans, written by J.J. Barloy, and another book of memories by Mrs Lindbergh. This will be the first time that all of Bernard Heuvelmans’ cryptozoological works will be printed together in French, making it a unique collection.
We are glad to to inform the public that the first two volumes, Bernard Heuvelmans Un rebelle de la science (Bernard Heuvelmans A Science Rebel), a biography of the great cryptozoologist by Jean-Jacques Barloy, PhD, andLes Félins encore inconnus d'Afrique(The Still Unknown Felines in Africa), a previously unpublished manuscript written by Bernard Heuvelmans, annotated by Jean-Jacques Barloy, will be available by the end of June 2007. The following books in this series and their scheduled release dates will be announced in the coming months.

Jean-Luc Rivera